Best peynier video, nyquist on that little line is a treat. It’s not safe little its rock solid dusty every jumps different little - even the last has a narrow landing which makes it harder to 3 than it looks.¬†

Jed builds the biggerst bmx jumps in history and does tricks on them.

I have read that this has already happened months ago, but the videos are coming out this month. I like big jumps, I was discussing what the new Kill the line at peynier could be like. I would love to see a silly fmx style jump at the start of the line, 50 foot.

The current line is massive and steep. Be nice to see a long jump even if it did have a flatish lip and long flattish landing.

chain breaks out the start hut.

seems like concentrating on riding smooth rather than trying to pedal down a hill is just as faster. Might save a bit of energy too. Might be worth a few cranks but here and there but less padling on DH could be a way forward.